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Here’s what some valued clients have to say about partnering with Shilpa.






Shilpa deftly navigated the Global Fund for Children team through a process that effectively gave all team members new ways to think about how our organization might operate more in keeping with our values and our mission. We discovered important work that we need to do, while recognizing areas of strength. During Shilpa’s attentive and thoughtful process, expert facilitation, and helpful frameworks better equipped our team to initiate what will be fundamentally ongoing work to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility within GFC and in our work.

John Hecklinger
President and CEO
Global Fund for Children


I had the pleasure of working with Shilpa when we brought her on board to facilitate a retreat for the Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project (DVRP). Shilpa facilitated two workshops with the DVRP staff which included team-building components and a space for us to reflect and re-develop our mission and values. Shilpa created an atmosphere of trust, shared purpose and goal setting and brought our team together to connect with each other after a long separation due to the pandemic. Shilpa comes to the work with great knowledge and tailor-makes her sessions based on the needs of each organization. I highly recommend her for staff and organizational development activities.

Krittika Ghosh
Executive Director
Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project 

 Shilpa joined us at a stage when we needed to reset our vision and goals for DEI, and brought with her an incredibly effective mix of skills and resources. Her approach is engaging and thoughtful, principled and persuasive. I’ve especially appreciated the way she works with staff to break down challenges and arrive at new ways of seeing and addressing them. Shilpa is also incredibly effective at communicating at all levels of BRAC USA, building from our culture and values and carefully holding leadership accountable. She deeply cares for this work and is committed to supporting us in making BRAC USA a place where all staff feel they belong.

Sharad Aggarwal

Senior Vice President
       BRAC USA





“My year-long coaching experience with Shilpa was life changing in ways I never anticipated. When I started my journey with her, I assumed I would be learning to be a better leader. While I did learn that, the true gift that Shilpa gave me was a deeper understanding of all that laid underneath the surface of my decisions – the why behind the decision I was making instinctively, rather than the how. As a result, I’m so much more confident in my decisions and feel grounded when faced with the choices that I have ahead both as a professional and as a person.”

Lisa Sasaki
Museum Executive

“My experience with Shilpa as my coach has been transformational. Working with her, I am finally closing the gap between my professional persona versus how I really feel inside. Her gentle probing questions, wise DEI reframing and guiding me into my body rather than away from it I am owning and using my power with a newfound confidence. Over my career, I’ve always sought help, this is the first time that I got more than I could have ever imagined.”

Kimberly Rattley Dailey
Organizational Development Specialist

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