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I was introduced to Shilpa Alimchandani in the Fall of 2019 when we met over a cup of tea at a nearby cafe in DC to discuss how to lead Search for Common Ground on an authentic journey of discovery to develop a framework and long term strategy for DEI. During our conversation, Shilpa offered very insightful and pragmatic advice on where to begin our ambitious vision of weaving DEI into the very fabric of our organizational culture, systems, and processes. Shortly after our initial conversation our world was upended by a global pandemic which put most of our DEI plans on hold. Search eventually brought Shilpa onboard as our DEI Consultant in June 2020.

Shilpa has facilitated very thoughtful and reflective DEI conversations with our Board of Directors and Executive and Global Leadership Teams. She’s guided us in establishing a grassroots DEI Council; designed and facilitated a global DEI Survey; analyzed and reported the survey results along with strategic recommendations; and is now guiding us in the development of our long term DEI Strategy. Shilpa’s calm and caring demeanor, rooted in her own personal story, experiences and authenticity has enhanced our organizational engagement around DEI. Shilpa’s subject-matter expertise and inclusive approach makes her an ideal strategic ‘thought partner’ and leader in the DEI space. We at Search for Common Ground are privileged to work with Shilpa Alimchandani on our DEI journey!

Jacqueline Oburu
Vice President, HR & Administration-Search for Common Ground


EnCompass has been working with Shilpa Alimchandani since January 2020 on our internal DEI initiative. She led the internal assessment process, including a staff survey and HR assessment, developed a detailed report of the findings and offered a series of recommendations. Separate from that work, Shilpa has advised EnCompass leadership on timely company responses regarding racial justice and equity in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd. This included a workshop for staff on understanding white privilege.

This 90-minute workshop was held on Zoom and attended by some 80 staff, both white staff and staff of color. She did an excellent job of organizing the workshop in a way that would balance learning and sharing with each other in plenary and in more intimate discussions. Shilpa is deeply knowledgeable on DEI issues and that, along with her calm and empathetic demeanor, made the workshop topic accessible for staff. Many staff – some of whom had participated in similar workshops – praised Shilpa’s ability to facilitate such a sensitive discussion. By all accounts, this workshop was a valuable experience and many staff are hoping that Shilpa will be available to conduct trainings on a range of DEI related topics.

I can highly recommend Shilpa as a DEI expert who brings the range of skills and knowledge necessary to tackle this complex topic in an organization.

Sherry Rockey
Senior Advisor (Former President), Encompass




“My year-long coaching experience with Shilpa was life changing in ways I never anticipated. When I started my journey with her, I assumed I would be learning to be a better leader. While I did learn that, the true gift that Shilpa gave me was a deeper understanding of all that laid underneath the surface of my decisions – the why behind the decision I was making instinctively, rather than the how. As a result, I’m so much more confident in my decisions and feel grounded when faced with the choices that I have ahead both as a professional and as a person.”

Lisa Sasaki
Museum Executive

“My experience with Shilpa as my coach has been transformational. Working with her, I am finally closing the gap between my professional persona versus how I really feel inside. Her gentle probing questions, wise DEI reframing and guiding me into my body rather than away from it I am owning and using my power with a newfound confidence. Over my career, I’ve always sought help, this is the first time that I got more than I could have ever imagined.”

Kimberly Rattley Dailey
Organizational Development Specialist

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