Training & Consulting Services

I partner with mission-driven organizations to create equitable and human-centered workplaces. This involves identifying disparities, redesigning systems with an equity lens, facilitating continuous learning, building relationships and trust, and ensuring accountability.

My approach to instructional design and facilitation is highly experiential and rooted in adult learning principles. Learners deepen their knowledge, awareness, and skills by engaging in multiple modalities: storytelling, simulations, discussions, videos, journaling, scenarios, role-plays, etc.

Services Offered



Instead of “one and done” workshops that may inspire in the moment, but have limited long-term impact, I offer a series of workshops on a variety of DEI topics. A workshop series leads to deeper learning and opportunities to practice skills to apply on the job. A workshop series also includes pre- and post-work like videos, articles, podcasts, etc. Topics include, but are not limited to:

• Introduction to DEI

• Power & Identity

• Unconscious Bias

• Microaggressions

• Racial Equity

• Equitable and Inclusive Leadership


Leaders need to be able to identify systems of oppression inside their organizations and unlearn harmful habits in order to truly champion DEI. My custom-designed leadership development programs involve a combination of group learning and individual coaching. Leaders build their own DEI knowledge, awareness, and skills while also strengthening the sense of community among the leadership team.


• Advise leaders on crafting their organizational DEI commitment and high-level goals

• Provide resources to strengthen organizational systems and processes

• Connect organizations with consultants who specialize in organizational assessments and strategic planning


Dialogues: Discussions involving different points of view

• Listening Sessions: Opportunities for leaders to hear the experiences and concerns of their teams

• Healing Spaces: Safe spaces for people with marginalized identities to share their stories and build community

• Teambuilding: Activities that facilitate trust and team cohesion

• Staff and Leadership Retreats: Longer engagements that can include a variety of different topics (personality assessments; communication styles, conflict styles, defining and operationalizing values, writing organizational vision/mission, etc.)


• Leading with an Equity Lens: Invite leaders to ask critical questions that impact decision-making and organizational culture

BRAVE (Bold, Respectful, Accountable, Vulnerable, and Empathetic) Leadership: Outline the values and behaviors needed for equitable and inclusive leadership

Using Discomfort to Learn and Grow: Explore how being vulnerable and leaning into our discomfort offers opportunities to both deepen and expand our own understanding of people different than ourselves

• Creating a Human-Centered Workplace: Examine the ways in which the modern workplace dehumanizes its members, and I offer strategies for building a more human-centered organization

• Unlearning Oppressive Systems: Reveal the mindset shift required to move from our current state of inequitable systems, to a desired future state that is equitable for all

What clients are saying:

“Shilpa made us really think about how we would approach uncomfortable situations. It made it feel much more applicable.”

“The training was EXTREMELY valuable and helpful in making me more aware of my own biases and how I need to be not only aware of people’s stories, but need to take the time to listen to them as well. I walk away from this training with a greater knowledge, but also on a quest for digging deeper.”

“Wonderful workshop and very eye opening. Loved the mix of larger groups and small, intimate breakout sessions. This made us feel closer to our colleagues, building trust and partnership.”

“Shilpa is an amazing facilitator. She makes it easy to understand somewhat complex and uncomfortable topics; she’s extremely relatable and down to earth; she’s great at what she does!”

“I appreciated [Shilpa’s] ability to make complex social constructs more simplified and digestible. The examples used to describe each concept really helped ground the conversation.”

“The tone was incredibly powerful, creating the brave space for people to come forward. Shilpa has a wonderful way of explaining complex and difficult topics in an easy to understand and very positive way. It was fabulous.”

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